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Welcome to Landfill Lumber!

Landfill Lumber is dedicated to the preservation of our earth. Our mission is to conserve our natural resources through the recovery of wood destined for the landfill. We specialize in the reclamation and reprocessing of lumber, and the redistribution of this rescued wood as turning stock, hobby stock/craft stock, flat stock, and handmade truly green products.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, and we accomplish this by providing quality wood, handmade products, and speciality items along with the highest level of customer service. Our goal is to combine our aim to conserve natural resources with our passion to provide customers with the products they need to complete their task. By accomplishing this goal we can do our part to support the woodworking community and the quest to save our planet.

In addition to our line of green products, Landfill Lumber sells tools, dye casts, and specialty woods for a variety of customers from penturners to furniture makers.

If you are interested in product updates and exciting news that Landfill Lumber has to offer, please sign our guestbook and we will add you to our list of friends.

Thank you for visiting, and remember to Tree-Cycle!

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